Into The Fold

We are only as linear as we allow ourselves to be.

In my previous work so many moons ago, we clung to the concept of a multi-disciplinary approach. It was a hot term then, overly used in so many of our proposals and discussions – but for good reason. Statistical data is only as good as its qualitative sociological or economic analysis; the message flows better with both disciplines working hand in hand.

Some disciplines are harder to mold together. But with a little imagination and perseverance, one can use mathematics, for example, to create beautiful pieces of art!

Such is the case with Robert Lang, a NASA physicist and acclaimed origami artist.

“It’s like dancing with a partner whose moves I know. If I move this way, I know my partner is going to move that way, and so I explore the math, develop the equations, solve the equations, create the folding pattern, and then I find out what it looks like. And as often as not, it is beautiful.”

The Great Big Story sat down with Robert Lang to discuss his work process here: